Medical and Dental Office Electricians

We know the unique electrical requirements of modern dental and medical offices.

Use Our Electricians To Help Medical and Dental Office Wiring With Stress Free Services 

Our electricians are proficient in medical and dental electrical wiring code and can ensure proper installations. We offer a stress free experience with electrical contractors that are familiar with the equipment and associated electrical codes that are specialized to these fields. We regularly wire in new exam chairs and equipment from Burkhart and Henry Schien. We can wire x-ray machines and lab equipment. Design lighting to suit the needs of the office environment is what we can help you with. Call us today to review your office designs!

Dental office chair light electricians
Medical office lighting electrical services

New Construction and Remodels

  • New construction medical and dental offices
  • Remodeling electrical needs
  • Experts in dental electrical wiring code
  • Wire exam chairs
  • X-ray equipment
  • Wire medical office equipment
  • Custom lighting plans for your unique medial or dental office
  • Sterilization center installation